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Workout Manager

RACK gets your athletes where they need to be, when they need to be there, doing what they need to be doing. Our suite of advanced, fully customizable audio visual timers will give you all the tools you need to maximize the efficiency of your workouts, and free you up to teach and motivate.

Roster Manager

Our program management goes beyond the weight room. Track your athlete data more easily and in greater detail than ever before. RACK puts the information you want right at your fingertips—literally—with our app. Whether you're on Android or iOS, take RACK with you around your weight room to efficiently collect test scores and simultaneously produce powerful program reports and illustrative individual athlete profiles. All of this while saving you hours every week.

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RACK Performance enables me to maximize my time instructing while it controls the lifting and rest periods of each athlete.
Randy DreilingHead CoachSt. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
RACK Performance has allowed me the freedom to coach athletes rather than manage them. I'm able to observe and correct technique instead of making sure each athlete is doing exactly as instructed.
Nick GarciaHead CoachNotre Dame High School (CA)
In regards to timing systems, it is the best I've seen. It save me time, is easy to use, and keeps classes on schedule. As a teacher it frees me up to give proper instruction and motivate my students.
Phil LiteHead CoachStaley High School (MO)
I can move throughout the weight room to help students as they lift. The video and audio cues let the students know where they should be at all times.
Mark HarmanStrength CoachMyers Park High School (NC)
RACK is the best thing to happen to our strength program! It has made us more efficient and productive. It keeeps our athletes on task following our training program and allows me to be a coach and not a manager.
Brian LutterHead CoachJohnston High School (IA)
It's more than a timing system. It allows you to track each student's progress over the course of his or her career.
Phil LiteHead CoachStaley High School (MO)
RACK is a powerful tool that accomadates any weight room or philosophy. It helps us keep great tempo, and best of all it gives our staff time to coach our athletes.
Matt KemperHead CoachJohns Creek High School (GA)
It's easy to build, save, and modify workouts. The kids picked it up quickly and ran with it.
Justin PriceHead CoachWinfield High School (KS)
Rack has allowed me to have more 1-on-1 situations with the kids, and our technique is getting better every day because of that.
Kyle LittrellHead CoachLouisburg High School (KS)
Once you use RACK, you won't want to run your program without it.
Randy DreilingHead CoachSt. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
The customer support and continued improvement of the product based on customer feedback makes it very user friendly and incredibly relevant. It just keeps getting better!
Jared MartinHead CoachFort Scott High School (KS)
Regardless of how many athletes you work with, Rack Performance is a must for ANY strength and conditioning program.
Allen FeigelHead CoachChurchill High School (MI)
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